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- The-Projects: Ekket #55 by Falconicide - The-Projects: Ekket #55 by Falconicide

"Ravenous, Ravenous. What you've got, it's not enough..."

Personal Information

Registration Number: #55-110111

Name: Subject 55 "Ekket"

Family: Unknown

Race: Superhuman

DOB: Approximate 2/7/1992

Current Age: Estimate 21 Years

Gender: Male

Height: 7' 0"

Weight: 140 lbs (improvement.)

Hometown: Unknown - Reportedly from Europe, Turkey.


Appearance & Extra Information

Physical Desciption:

Ekket is a scrappy looking thing, with the appearance of someone you'd expect to be homeless. His skin is a natural tan and he has feathers and scales patchworking his scarred body, with a spine of feathers running from his hairline down to his tail feathers, he also has a few actually within his hair which is long, dark and slightly wavy. His genetic mutation makes him seem a bit gangly and awkward looking, and thanks to a general lack of food he is built mostly of starved wirey muscle, with a wingspan of seventeen feet for each wing. His face though human, sports two golden eyes and is a patchwork of scars that mish mashes between his tan skin and stubbled face. Ekket only has one set of clothes as it is hard to find clothes big enough for him, consisting of a ragged grey shirt, leather and some cloth pants, and his most prized posession; A torn and dark red scarf.


Ekket typically has a small inventory of items on him, most of which is carried in a hide turned backpack that used to belong to some poor animal he likely slaughtered while looking for food on the reserve. It is not known whether the items he collects are useful or hold some specific importance. But the 'bag' usually contains a small collection of bones and sticks, or shiny objects such as bent cutlery, glass, and even shiny looking rocks, with the more useful items being that of old containers and tin cans... Which he eats whenever he's hungry.

Other Facts:

  • Ekket cannot chew his food he only has tearing and cutting teeth.

  • He requires at least 18lbs of red meat for each meal just to stay healthy.

  • Though he can tweet and twitter, Ekket cannot communicate with other birds.

  • High Metabolism makes it a challenge to keep him in good health.

  • He can sing quite well, however he needs to know the words to do so.
  • His tarot is The Devil; representing hopelessness, ignorance, materialism, and being bound.
  • He doesn't mind letting people ride on his back.
  • Ekket's favourite thing is being scratched behind the jaw. It's like puppy-heaven but for birdboys.

  • He speaks a little bit of Turkish, but only what he learned as a child before he was taken from his parents


Powers, Strengths & Weaknesses

Supernatural Abilities:

- Main Power: Avian Genetic Hybrid -

Thanks to his genetic inheritance, and the meddling of scientists. Ekket is a hybrid of human and animal DNA- specifically that of what appears to be some kind of raptor or bird of prey. This gives him the majority of the benefits that most bird's enjoy, as it gives him hollow and dense bones that allow him to fly with large wings that stretch a combined total of 24ft, and a secondary set of lungs that allow him to fly higher in low oxygen environments. His arms and legs are covered in scaled patched akin to that of a bird, and he has sharp talons where his toenails and fingernails should be- that are sharp enough to puncture through thin sheet metal if enough force is applied behind them, a feature which is only made more dangerous by his speed when running on all fours or flying through the air. However it's not all sunshine and rainbows, and the problems of such genetic manipulation will be further explained in the Weaknesses Section...

- Sub Power(s): Emotional Augmentation  -

Thanks to the dabbling of scientists, Ekket has not only further mutated to become more birdlike in both appearance and personality, but has also gained a new and terrifying power as well, that he has yet to be able to control. The power of Emotional Augmentation: When enraged, or panicked this minor power seems to augment Ekket's already dangerous abilities, sharpening his senses and heightening his pain tolerance. However this also makes him more prone to violence, and can injure him in the process too as this emotional augmentation seems to augment his hybrid appearance too. (ie feathers suddenly bursting out of skin, claws lengthening and stretching bones brittle thin.)

Skills & Lackings:
- Cannot Read
- Can Write (poorly) In Arabic (new)
- Minor First AID Knowledge (new)
- Poor Speech Skills
- Competent Animal Dressing (Skinning/Gutting)
- Can't Run On Two Legs
- Poor Social Skills
- No Table Manners

Weaknesses: [Genetic Flaws][Physical Condition][Weak Points][High Metabolism][Animal Mentality][Shock Collar][Social Lacking]

- Genetic Flaws:
Thanks to the meddling of scientists- Ekket's genetic mutations have been stretched far beyond what is reasonable for him- and in turn can take a serious toll on him. His bones- lengthened to make him taller can ache at times, his wings awkward and large to give him the ability to fly causes him minor back pain, as well as make it difficult for him to lie down and walk upright thanks to his wingtips dragging on the ground and tripping him up. A factor which is not aided by his strange and large feet which only make walking upright even more difficult. 

- Physical Condition
Due to his time in the labs, Ekket has multiple scars, many of which can be split back open and take on a canyon like appearance that not only makes it difficult for him to hide- but causes him much pain, not only in terms of when re-injured but also in terms of everyday life thanks to the depth of the scars which have in some cases damaged both muscle and nerves. Which besides making him uncomfortable at the best of times, can also make it difficult for him to perform some tasks as he these injuries effect his motor skills, making him twitchy and unable to move his fingers, toes, jaw or face muscles if his nerves refuse or delay in their response to his wishes. This is a major problem for Ekket as sometimes he will be unable to move his fingers for days, or become unable to speak, let alone give warning of incoming danger.

- Weak Points:
Thanks to the oh so amazing situation of his genetics. Ekket has developed some surprising weak points, both physically and mentally. This can be seen first in the fact that if you apply pressure between his shoulder blades, he will immediately collapse almost like a ragdoll- The same of which applies to if you scratch behind his jaw or pet his hair. However this isn't his only weak points, mentally he has developed some bird-like habits. Some of which include being able to hypnotise him into paralysis with shiny objects- as he will become so concentrated he will lose focus on everything else- and while it is a laughable and rather humorous weakness. It would not bode well for Ekket if that shiny object happened to be the sights of a soldier's gun.

- High Metabolism:
Due to his sheer size, and abilities. Ekket has to eat large quantities of food just to maintain his already low weight range. Due to this he is constantly starving, and it can make him lethargic and slow if he doesn't get enough to eat. His usual diet consists mostly of meat which he can easily eat raw, cooked or rotting, with an average meal consists 18 lbs of food, making it very difficult for him to survive without assistance if wild animals show rarity in the reserve. This means Ekket will take to eating everything and anything he can get his hands on- even if it's not particularly edible. (rubbish, rocks, insects, off food, rotten products, even tyre rubber!) Usually he can stomach most of it thanks to his genetic mutation, however this doesn't mean he won't get sick at times, or become liable to throw up his whole stomach simply because he ate something poisonous. 

- Animal Mentality:
Thanks to the DSR scientists, and their efforts to expand his genetic mutation. Ekket has some trouble maintaining his more human composure, as his avian DNA can shine through and get him into a fair amount of trouble; whether that is him snapping at you because you got to close to his food, or because he saw you running became compelled to chase you down. As much as Ekket means well, and as sweet hearted the gruff giant is this flaw makes him liable to injure and hurt others by accident if he accidentally gets a bit too rough, especially considering that he does not have particularly good control of this part of himself. So it is not uncommon to occasionally see him doing less humanoid things such as building nests, or collecting objects of a certain colour or shininess, or on extremely bad days- unable to even speak to the point where he can only tweet and twitter.

- Broken Shock Collar
A high voltage shock collar, fused into his neck and spine is one of the last reminders Ekket has of his time in the labs. Heavily damaged, scratched, and torn up it is slightly faulty- meaning it could possibly go off at any time, especially if it is struck. It releases a debilitating shock that will send the hybrid straight to the ground, leaving him paralyzed by jolts of electricity until the shock ends- and a fair bit stunned and twitchy for up to an hour after the shock stops. A fact which does not bode well for Ekket considering that the collar's controller is still intact and out there somewhere. 

- Social Lackings
By far one of Ekket's most annoying weaknesses. Ekket's social lackings not only frustrate him, but also the people around him unless they are strong of stomach or will. His speaking skills are poor, and he can barely croak out a few words at a time, maybe five or six at most, making him a poor communicator, which isn't helped by his inability to write or understand many social prompts. This makes him not only terrible at hiding his emotions thanks to the set of tail feathers that wiggle behind him whenever he is happy. But also makes him prone to scaring others as he may preen other people's hair, stare when it is not acceptable, get to much into their personal space- not to mention tackle friends upon sight if he becomes to excited, or give inappropriate gifts such as small dead animals, or in worse cases even use items without understanding them. (ie he might put a bra over his head assuming it's a hat, touch a cactus etc... though thankfully if you tell him to stop doing something he seems to do so)


Personality & History/Background

Personality: [Gruff][Indifferent][Gentle][Secret Softy][Serious][Bad-Tempered][Quiet][Blunt][Mildly Stubborn][Pushover][Cautious][Illiterate][Paranoid]

Ekket is not a nice individual upfront. Upon first meeting him he is typically rather blunt in terms of getting his point across, and has a rather indifferent view of the world that makes him seem callous and uncaring both about the world around him and himself as he will often respond by simply shrugging or remaining silent, a fact which is not bolstered by his stubborn and paranoid nature from his time in the labs. However once you get past his upfront nature, and poor communication skills, (usually with a bit of food.) The birdman is a total sweetheart, that would prefer to give you a hug or snuggle up on your lap than fight. He even cracks the rare smile or laugh on occasion if he feels comfortable enough around someone. However, this doesn't mean he is stupid, or childish. Ekket might be a sweetheart but he is also serious when he needs to be, and his difficulty with communication and past injuries can make him rather bad tempered at times if he is having a particularly bad day. This of course, makes Ekket not much of a people's person, or problem solver, as he is not skilled socially, and prefers to deal with things head on. (most likely by headbutting or biting whatever is causing the problem.) and while he can be mildly stubborn, you can persuade him away from doing something terrible if calmed down. The strangest thing however is that over his short time in the reserve it has been discovered that the giant can be a bit of a push over, making it easy to manipulate him at times if you get past his cautious and cagey nature, something which is hard to accomplish if you prove to be dislikable or suspicious to him in any way. All of these traits are sadly over-laid by the fact that the birdman clearly lacks most social skills, illiterate, unable to read, and having speaking skill so poor he can only speak broken english. Ekket can come off as a bit of and idiot, and even act like one at times. However if you are patient, he can be a fast learner, as the gentle giant with a pension for destroying furniture is willing and eager to learn as much as he can about the outside world if given the chance. 


* Information Unknown to Ekket - Forgotten

* Information Known to Ekket

Ekket was born into a small lower-class family in the year of 1993 to two Turkish Superhuman parents in a small town of the Tokat Province. His father an avian hybrid, and his mother an empath- the two of which were greatly saddened, yet proud parents when their tiny son came into the world. The young Ekket born with two tiny featherless wings, and the same scaled hands and feet of his father- something which though concerned his parents due to the criticism they already received in the small town soon came to accept, before fleeing the country later that year in hopes that their son would have a better life. The small family boarding a boat to America as stow-aways after Ekket's family received much harassment from the town for birthing such an odd child.

However America wasn't the land of dreams Ekket's parents thought it to be, and upon their arrival in the October of 1993 their son was quickly snatched away under the premise of illness from them when they were detained by the government. His parents soon to be told not a week later the old lie that their son had died of pneumonia on the 12th of January 1994, as he was stolen away by the government, off to the nearest laboratory designed specifically for the conducting of test on superhumans, where Ekket would never learn of his parents, or their unknown fate. The government scientists soon implementing the genius idea of augmenting and conducting experiments in hope of creating a super soldier that could be used to combat other superhumans, when the realized what a perfectly clean slate the small child would be- no memories, no skills; the lab would have been all he'd ever known. It was the perfect opportunity, one of which the government and DSR would soon regret in the years to come.</i>

By the time he was 5 years old, Ekket was not only an angry child but a violent one as well. He was taught no essential life skills, and he lived on a diet of solely high energy foods and protein- a decision which did not help to soothe the small hybrid's rage, as for the safety of the lab scientists- (and the unfortunate interns.) Ekket was soon housed in a shatterproof glass atrium for the rest of his life, only to be micro-chipped and bar-coded by the age of 12, where after many an experiment, surgery, and god knows what else. He was determined finally ready to be released in the laboratory testing grounds, first of which had him pitted against the lab security's dogs in an attempt to determine his aptitude for combat. Unfortunately his lack of training and wild nature didn't make him a very effective soldier, and he was mauled repeatedly. The scientists soon to realize their mistake as they noticed that he was both unable to follow orders due to lack of social skills, let alone able to take on a dog. Ekket was taken off field and back into the laboratory, where he learned a weak grasp of skills such as speaking and identifying via appearance, while undergoing numerous experiments until he was released four years later at the age of 16. However that didn't work out either, as making him more human, and teaching him such skills just made him un-willing to do as he was told.

Where frustrated, the DSR had soon took him back to the lab where he had a shock collar built into his neck in an attempt to at least attempt to force the young superhuman into action. However, unruly and defiant. when he was released three years later at the age of 19, he refused to follow orders and simply tore up the collar and his neck in the process resulting in the collar becoming damaged. Unable to control him; By the time he was 21 years old Ekket escaped, causing serious damage to the lab and injuring multiple lab workers before taking off into the world outside. The DSR soon quickly catching up to him, to drag him off to The Reserve under the the strictest security of heavy tranquilizers and a thick steel cage. The only remains of his collar to be seen on the back at the base of his neck, forever a danger to go off and shock him at any time.

Ekket does not remember much, let alone that he is even in the reserve, or any personal information about himself beyond his age and name. Though he does know he had been within a lab at some point.

Roleplay History:

Since arriving at The Reserve, Ekket has done much and seen many new things. The first being that of his meeting between himself and another superhuman named Cian who found him shortly after being dropped into the Reserve by the DSR. Still woozy from the tranquilizers, this was the first encounter Ekket ever had with another superhuman- that he can remember that is, and encounter which quickly sent him into hiding within the depths of the Parkland Woods. A few weeks later he was eventually coaxed out of hiding by another superhuman named Charis, who not only gave the hybrid food but tried to lure him back to the safety of the Refuge; an attempt which failed as Ekket soon took off yet again, before eventually setting up base in the top-most floor of an abandoned high-rise hotel which he now claims his home. 

However then the giant met Tony, a young superhuman with a pension for talking- the two of which soon became friends by unfortunate circumstances which mostly consisted of scavenging for ill-gotten food, and childish games, allowing the birdman to grow more at home in the reserve, and soon enough the younger Super was taking up residence in one of the hotel rooms that made up the birdman's "house." Which led only to even more trouble of its own- as after learning what little he knew of the reserve, Ekket was soon stumbling into even more mutants, Joe, Hailey, Jane and finally the leader of the Refuge; Thane Abernathy- who posed the giant a difficult offer, and a prospect of freedom beyond the walls of the Reserve; an offer which Ekket might not be able to refuse...

:new: By a mix of bad luck and fate, Ekket has accidentally killed a DSR agent (probationary.) It was gruesome. It was bloody but it has certainly woken up Ekket up, and he has now become much more mindful of his actions around people now that he is classed as a Stage Red. However he is confused, and rather angry and now he roams the reserve injured and afraid of what little strange memories he regained from his time in the labs making him vulnerable to the manipulation of others. Whoever finds him first, Revolution or Refuge, is going to have a huge effect on how the birdman acts in the future.


Character Relationships & Thoughts



|| Cian Skarcon || Superhuman ||
"I don't know much about this guy, he's covered in all these weird black markings, and I didn't understand much of those noises/words he said. He seemed... worried? I don't know, but it was certainly annoying. I'm not sure I want to see that guy again any time soon."

|| Tony Coleman || Supperhuman ||
"Tony talks a LOT, he forgets that I can't answer a lot and he can be a bit annoying at times but he's alright- even if he is fairly useless- I mean he doesn't even have CLAWS, hell he can barely carry a deer on his own... But he gave me food... and I think he only looks dumb... So he's welcome to hang around if he wants."

|| Hailey Bekke || Superhuman ||
"You're weird and a bit scary, and thats not something I say lightly- it's extremely unnerving to be scared by something smaller than you- and you didn't even flinch when I squawked at you! I don't trust you, not yet."

|| Jane Collins || Superhuman ||
"You're okay I guess... you haven't hit me, or screamed at me or asked any difficult questions so I guess you're cool... The fire thing though... thats scary. I never liked the lab fires, and this is no different. You are okay."

|| Joe McCarthy || Superhuman ||
"You are sort of like me, but I can't figure out how; maybe it's the ears? However... you also showed up with those dogs, but you tried to help me too. I'm not sure if you're a danger or a friend... Plus I'm kinda sorry for biting your foot, I didn't mean to do that... sorry."

|| Charis Lincoln || Superhuman ||
"I definitely like you. You gave me food, and spoke to me in a way that wasn't confusing- how did you do that?- Plus you didn't throw anything at me or anything like that... Don't go telling anyone else I let you pet me though, you hear?"

|| Thane Abernathy || Refuge Leader ||
"You snuck up on me, and didn't make much sense, but you kept your distance and were friendly... You said you could get me beyond the wall, but I don't believe you. No one would offer someone something like that for nothing. You want something from me... No one is going to use me like the white-coats again."


Roleplay Information

Availability: 24 / 7

RP Style: Literate / Paragraph

Skype: falcon-kali

Roleplay Sample:

"Even the Lady of Death has fears." Ave murmured through the silky fur. Before he tried to sit up to his full height, only to be yanked back down into the assassin's hug, causing his spine to creak a little bit, he didn't mind. "What's got you concerned?" Avery questioned as he sat backup to his full height, pulling the assassin gently to his wirey furred chest. He sat there in silence, before continuing. "My mother was like me you know? Compared to me her bones where like fine glass. But unlike me, she was beautiful. Silver fur covered in dark grey swirls, the way she used to move around the tavern... It was like she was floating over the floor..." Avery murmured as he drifted off in thought, brushing Renley's mane all the while. "But then she got sick, my father could earn no money as he grieved. So I began to steal from the royal hunting grounds..." He trailed of again growing rigid as his crooked tail lashed around. "That is when I met Vincent's gang. Every night and day I went poaching. And every time they where there. Demanding I pay tribute. Saying it was my duty as a lowly grunt. The day I refused was the day she died..." Avery trailed off sickly eyes glaring into the fireplace as it burned.

Art & Character (c) to me, do not copy, repost, re-produce, trace, use, appropriate & or recontextualize in any way shape or form.

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