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February 14, 2014
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- The-Projects: Ekket #23 by Falconicide - The-Projects: Ekket #23 by Falconicide

:bulletblue: Registration Number: #55-110111

Bullet; Blue Name: N/A - (Dubbed Ekket due to the "Kket! Kket!" noise he makes sometimes.)

 Bullet; BlueFamily: N/A (Unknown)

 Bullet; BlueRace: Superhuman

Bullet; BlueDOB: 2/7/1992 

Bullet; BlueCurrent Age: 21

Bullet; BlueGender: Male

Bullet; BlueHeight: 7' 0"

Bullet; BlueWeight: 120 lbs (emaciated pigeon is emaciated.)

Bullet; BlueHometown: Unknown - Reportedly from Europe, Turkey.

Bullet; BluePhysical Desciption: 

Ekket is a scrappy looking thing, generally looking rather homeless, his skin is a natural tan and he has feathers and scales patchworking his scarred body, with a spine of feathers running from his hairline down to his tail feathers, he also has a few actually within his hair which is long, dark and slightly wavy. His genetic mutation makes him seem a bit gangly and awkward looking, and thanks to a general lack of food he is built mostly of starved wirey muscle, with a wingspan of seventeen feet for each wing. His face though human, sports two golden eyes and is a patchwork of scars that mish mashes between his tan skin and stubbled face. Ekket only has one set of clothes as it is hard to find clothes big enough for him, consisting of a ragged grey shirt, leather and some cloth pants, and his most prized posession; A torn and dark red scarf.

:bulletblue:Other Facts:

- Ekket cannot chew his food he only has tearing and cutting teeth.

- He requires at least 18lbs of red meat for each meal just to stay healthy.

- Though he can tweet and twitter, he is shunned by most birds.

- High Metabolism makes it a challenge to keep him well fed.

- He can sing, he just has to have heard the song before.

Bullet; BlueSupernatural Ability:

Main: Genetic Hybrid

Thanks to his inheritance at birth and science Ekket is a genetic hybrid, he appears to be a hybrid of some kind of raptor mixed with human DNA. This makes him lightweight in both muscle and fat, with hollow, dense bones allowing him to take off the ground more easily, and a secondary set of 'lungs' that allow him to fly higher into lower oxygen environments. His body is covered in tough scaley patches much like the feet of a bird, with sharp claws sharp enough to puncture through 0.5cm thick sheet metal if struck hard enough, making him about 60% avian, as he is known to run at fast speeds on all fours, but is much more prone to flying at speeds akin to that of a falcon.

* Barn Owl & Philiphines Eagle Mix

Sub: Owl Vision

His genetic mutation gives him vision and eyesight powers akin to that of an owl, giving him sharp eyesight that allows him to see in low light environments, where he can be spotted by the reflection of light off his eyes akin to that of a cat's eye.

Bullet; BlueWeaknesses:

- Weak Points & Hypertrophic Scarring:

Due to being such a genetic mash, Ekket has a fair few weak points. Careless medical procedures have left him with painful scars that hurt to be touched, some of which can re-open under extreme stress. His weak points are his wings, which if slightly damaged can severely impair his ability to fly, as well as the center point between his wings' shoulder blades, which if sharp pressure is applied he will automatically go limp like a ragdoll.

- Food Allergies:

Ironically, Ekket is allergic to birdseed, feeding him seeds or grains will commonly result in him, going into an asthmatic type wheezing fit until he vomits it back up. In severe cases if a large amount of seeds/grains is ingested, he may go into a state of anaphylactic shock, or become extremely sick.

- High Metabolism:
Due to his size, and abilities. Ekket has to eat large quantities of food just to maintain his already low weight range. Due to this he is constantly starving, and it can make him lethargic and slow if he doesn't get enough to eat. His usual diet consists mostly of meat which he can easily eat raw or rotting, an average meal consists 18 lbs of food, making it very difficult for him to survive without assistance if wild animals show rarity in the reserve. 

- Animal Mentality:

Thanks to the genetic cocktail that he is, Ekket has some trouble maintaining a human composure at times, bits of his avian DNA have a habit of showing through. For example he may snap at you if you get too close to his food, or build nests in the spring time, sometimes he might forget how to talk and instead go into a series of tweets and chirps, or even simply go into attack mode if he sees your running away from him. Sadly as nice as he tries to be, this makes him unpredictable and dangerous, and although he has good intentions, sometimes he just can't help himself.

- Broken Shock Collar

A high voltage collar, remains embedded into the back base of his neck, fused with the muscle it is not a kind contraption and is a remainder of his life before the reserve. Heavily damaged, it has the possibility to go off at anytime especially if struck, releasing a debilitating shock of electricity that will instantly make him fall to the ground in pain, leaving him unable to move until the shock ends, and even further affected and stunned for up to an hour after the electrocution stops.

Bullet; BluePersonality: [Gruff][Indifferent][Gentle][Secret Softy][Serious][Bad-Tempered][Quiet][Blunt][Mildly Stubborn][Pushover][Cautious][Illiterate]

Ekket isn't the nicest person in the world, He's blunt in terms of getting his point across most of the time, and he generally has a rather indifferent view towards the world making him seem callous and uncaring about himself as he will often simply shrug to answer questions or remain silent. Don't take this as him being a bad guy though, he's only quiet and seemingly indifferent . The birdman actually a secret softy, (or Ferdinand the Bull) if you can communicate with him well, which actually reveals he is a pretty gentle fellow, when it comes to thoughts and the rare cracked smile. However it's rather hard to see that side since he rarely cracks a smile, being rather serious as well as his difficulty with communicating making him rather bad-tempered at times. Ekket isn't much of a people person or a problem solver though, he's much better at dealing with things directly. (like punching the problem.) Ekket has gained or discovered a few new traits over his time in the reserve. His grumpiness has made him mildly stubborn, albeit you can desuade him if you make the consequences of his actions terrifying enough, and in a strange twist he's been discovered to be a bit of a pushover, something which is caused by his guilt towards anyone who is nice to him, he feels like he owes them. So in turn be he becomes a bit of a pushover, and can easily be bossed around or taken advantage of by people who are nice to him. However he is cautious, something which makes turning him into a pushover a bit difficult, and for those who he views suspiciously or irritably nigh near impossible. Sadly Ekket is illiterate, and doesn't speak much if at all, though he might speak some broken english on occasion he's a fast learner.


Bullet; BlueHistory:

* Information Unknown to Ekket - Forgotten

* Information Known to Ekket

Ekket was born into a small family in 1993, the child of two Turkish parents who lived in a small town. Ekket was born with two stubs on his back and scaled hands, something which though mildly terrifying, his parents soon came to accept, his superhuman powers having come from his grandparents who hid their powers well. That is until Ekket was born with these strange traits. However, by one year of age, Ekket's parents left the country in hopes of a better life in 1994. The small family boarding an asylum boat after Ekket's family received much harassment from the town for birthing such an odd child, so much so that they had to hide their superhuman child.

When Ekket's family reached America by early January in 1995 however, Ekket's family was detained, their superhuman child sick, was snatched up by the government, and taken away. His parents told the old lie that their superhuman child died of pneumonia on January 12th in 1995.

As far as Ekket knows he was created in a lab, born a test tube baby from an IVF procedure. (A lie obviously.) The government had actually carted him off to a laboratory specifically made for conducting tests on superhumans. The government scientists implementing the genius idea of augmenting and conducting experiments in hope of creating a super soldier that could be used to combat other superhumans. (ironic eh? superhumans fighting superhumans.) 

Ekket lived for 21 years consisting mostly living on a diet of high energy protein within a lab, he was taught no essential life skills as if to differentiate between truth and lies or speak and at the age of 12 he was micro-chipped, bar-coded and set loose under strict conditions within a testing ground within the laboratory to combat a captured superhuman. Unfortunately his lack of training and wild nature didn't make him a very effective soldier, and as he couldn't follow orders, let alone even bring himself to harm the captured superhuman.

He was taken off field and back into the laboratory, where he learned a weak grasp of skills such as speaking and identifying via appearance, while undergoing numerous experiments until he was released four years later. However that didn't work out either, as making him more human just made him un-wilfull to do as he was told.

 Frustrating the DSR had him taken back to the lab where he had a shock collar built into his neck in an attempt to at least force him into action. However when he was released three years later he refused to follow orders and simply tore up the collar and his neck in the process resulting in the collar becoming damaged. Unable to control him, Ekket escaped. The DSR soon quickly catching up to him, and as of age 21 he was carted off to the Reserve. The only remains of his collar can be seen on the back at the base of his neck, forever a danger to go off and shock him at any time.

Ekket does not remember much, let alone that he is even in the reserve, or any personal information about himself beyond his age and name. Though he does know he had been within a lab at some point.

:bulletblue:Roleplay History:

*Nothing Has Occured Yet!*

Bullet; BlueTime Zone: All Times

:bulletblue:Skype: falcon-kali


Bullet; BlueRelationships:

Bullet; Black || Hate/Dislike
Bullet; Yellow || Acquaintance
Bullet; Blue || Friend
Bullet; Green || Good friend
Bullet; Pink || Crush
Bullet; Red || Love
Bullet; White || Unsure
Bullet; Orange || Respect
Bullet; Purple || Envy / Rival


|| Cian Skarcon || :bulletyellow::bulletwhite: || "I don't know... He is strange... kind of annoying."

|| Tony Colemon || :bulletblue::bulletwhite: || "He talks too much, questions all the time."

|| Hailey Bekke || :bulletyellow::bulletorange: || "I think you threw a rock at me..."

|| Jane Collins || :bulletblue::bulletorange: || "You seem cool, the fire thing scares me a bit though."



Bullet; BlueRoleplay Sample:

"Even the Lady of Death has fears." Ave murmured through the silky fur. Before he tried to sit up to his full height, only to be yanked back down into the assassin's hug, causing his spine to creak a little bit, he didn't mind. "What's got you concerned?" Avery questioned as he sat backup to his full height, pulling the assassin gently to his wirey furred chest. He sat there in silence, before continuing. "My mother was like me you know? Compared to me her bones where like fine glass. But unlike me, she was beautiful. Silver fur covered in dark grey swirls, the way she used to move around the tavern... It was like she was floating over the floor..." Avery murmured as he drifted off in thought, brushing Renley's mane all the while. "But then she got sick, my father could earn no money as he grieved. So I began to steal from the royal hunting grounds..." He trailed of again growing rigid as his crooked tail lashed around. "That is when I met Vincent's gang. Every night and day I went poaching. And every time they where there. Demanding I pay tribute. Saying it was my duty as a lowly grunt. The day I refused was the day she died..." Avery trailed off sickly eyes glaring into the fireplace as it burned.

Art & Character © to me, do not copy, repost, re-produce, trace, use, appropriate & or recontextualize in any way shape or form.

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omg yyayyy I cant wait to see your art for this group *u*
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