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February 27
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He’d found her asleep on the couch in the living room, his pale curly fur dripping with water as he padded in on quietly clicking claws as his red eyes cast over the golden blonde shape on the couch… Eriane, her fur standing out in stark contrast to the striped couch she slept on, highlighted by the warm lamplight that lid up the house late at night. The fennekin was a beauty in Erskine’s opinion, a flower in comparison to a dull absol such as him, the thought making him scowl as his fangs dug into something which he held in his mouth… bright pink flowers that rustled audibly as they sat in his maw, covered in water droplets. Though he didn’t act it he knew he liked the little fennekin, something which he couldn’t fully express with his negative and cynical nature.

But he could always try, and this would be a secret that he held dear, something which made him smile as he gently placed the flowers by the sleeping fennekin’s side, a few droplets of water falling onto her silky blonde pelt in her sleep as she yawned and rolled over onto her back, bringing a smile to the absol’s maw, a few words coming to mind as he watched the sleeping fennekin for a moment; angelic? Beauty? Detestable? No, none of them suited, she was vain in her beauty and detestable in nature, but none of those words could describe the fennekin who laid on the couch, tail shifting from side to side in her sleep as she rolled over and cuddled up to the flowers by her side. But he should go to bed, Erskine decided, it was far too late and cold for him to be up, so he left on silent clicking claws. The little fennekin blinking one eye open from her space on the couch.

Your secret is safe with me too…

Finally finished the Secrets Prompt for :iconpokemon-arpg:

Ack Erskine and Eriane >u< hope you guys like these cuties, and enjoy my horrendous writing that was severly edited by many a friend of mine xD

Words: 320
Prompt: +3 EXP

Eriane Earns: 6 EXP
Erskine Earns: 6 EXP

Art & Characters to me, do not copy, repost, re-produce, trace, use, appropriate & or recontextualize in any way shape or form.
Nindeanwa Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
adawww 8D Pokemon romance <3 lol
Falconicide Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Cutiesssss ;D
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