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Flat Chibi Stickers
- You Are Deer To Me - by Falconicide
.: Feather BumBum :. by Falconicide
Eliza Chibi - MA by Falconicide
Commissions of x1 Figure or Character, flat colours with no shading, and optional cute message with white or coloured outline. All for the price of 2$ *excess payment to deviantART not included in above pricing*

- I will be accepting a maximum of 3 Commissions.
- Please commented with a character reference and details of what is wanted.
- Please include poses or themes if you have them in mind.
Group Application Sheet Design
Mortis Noctis - Group Application by Falconicide
- TDE - Application Sheet 3.0 - by Falconicide
A commission of an application sheet design for a group, at the price of 7$. These commissions result in an application template for your group, complete with unique design, textured backgrounding, clear and readable layout and Logo design. Application Sheets feature a fullbody drawing section, colour palette, and basic information, with optional headshot boxes, inventory boxes or pelt references, or whatever else you desire. 

- If you have a particular colour scheme in mind please tell me.
- PSD and PNG of Application Sheet included in commission.
- Please tell me the name of the font if you have one that you wish to use.
- Sheets are in a large sized format for easier drawing and use.


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Current Total: 529

Saving Points to upgrade some beautiful groups into super groups! Mostly including:


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    Donated Jan 10, 2015, 3:26:56 AM

{ Hello There }

MA Gift - Birdie by mrSketchy

"We're Gonna Burn Till The Sun Comes Up!"

About Me

Name: Falc | Falcon | Kai

DOB: Oct 7th 1996

Location: Australia

Commission Status: CLOSED

Art Trade Status: CLOSED

Request Status: CLOSED

Kennel/Ranch Breedings: OPEN/ASK

Languages: English, Italian, Some Russian, Learning Swedish

My Harem Of Sexy
"The Sexiest Of Them All"

My DeviantART Family
"For Hold The Same Place In My Heart As My Brother"

My First World Problems
"Problematic Cake... But Delicious Problematic Cake!"

My DeviantART Friends
"Accept My Love You!"


To Do List

Completed - :bulletgreen:
In Progress - :bulletyellow:
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:bulletyellow: - Bulk Commission Set - Tree-Branch
- Rings, Armour, Shields, Critters, Weapons.

:bulletgreen: - tDE New Appsheets 3.0
:bulletred: - Fundraiser Adoptables x2
:bulletyellow: - Chibi x Headshot Commissions
:bulletgreen: - PokeDelos JRNSK

{ Falcon Feature Love }


What should stingrays be renamed? 

14 deviants said Seapancakes
7 deviants said Flapflaps
2 deviants said (I've Got a Better One! - Comment)


Not Again RAJRHARARAR - tGB Meme

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 19, 2014, 5:48 PM
1. I'm pretty sure you know the drill |-D *shot*
2. Answer the questions as though from the point of view of your TGB babby!
3. And tag whoever you'd like to condemn! ^u^ Woot woot!

Tagged by mah bae Snowwire 

   1.  Hi! What can I call you? And what's your True Name? owo

Requiem: Ugh, Requiem! As long as its not.... 'Wrinkles.'

Talen: I don't mind Bear... 


   2.   Nice! How many season-cycles do you have under your proverbial belt?

Requiem: Older than you thats for sure! >c

Talen: I.... don't know. *shrugs*


   3.   What tribe do you hail from?

Requiem: Shadow and proud of it. Don't you see my tattoo?

Talen: ...I'm from Earth Tribe. It is my true home.


   4.   And what's your opinion of the local government? owo

Requiem: Our Silver Shadow is perfect in every way. A god among cats. Though...

Talen: I don't care for Pol-Ee-Ticks. But the Silver is always right.


   5.   Let's get down to the stuff Tabloids are made of! Who’s your true love?

Requiem: No one, I hate you alll. >U

Talen: .... 


   6.   Aww~~~ Have you kissed yet?


   7.   So... anyone else? eue

Requiem: What kind of stupid question is that? 

Talen: ..... *tilts head in confusion*


   8.   Alrighty then! Dumb question - what's your favorite color?

Requiem: Whats with all these questions? I don't care for colours.

Talen: ...Brown. I like... Brown. Its warm.


   9.   Favorite season? owo

Requiem: Summer, its always to damned cold out here.

Talen: Autumn!... Um... Autumn. I like all the leaves...

   10.   Now what’s your biggest fear?

Requiem: I have no fears! The cats of shadow tribe are FEAR!

Talen: ...I don't know... But I really don't like... Nevermind.


   11. Any siblings?

Requiem: No. *spits*

Talen: I can't... remember? Lily is that the right word?  *looks around*


   12. Who’s your hero?

Requiem: ...Hero? Errr... *sweats* (Cenek Duh)

Talen: Don't have one.


   13. Who’s your worst enemy?

Requiem: I have a great dislike for that damned Orange-Light getting in my space!

Talen: ...Those who wish to take those important to me away. *scary face*


   14. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?

Requiem: Don't know, don't care.

Talen: Not sure... Maybe I'd.... No. (he'd totally kill the enemy yep.)


   15. What would you do if you met your creator?

Requiem: I'd ask him for some more damned stories! The get bored of my stories.

Talen: ....


   16. Now, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Requiem: ... You are an idiot. A pure, form of idiocy. Get out.

Talen: I am an adult?... *looks slightly irritated*


   17. What's your worst nightmare?

Requiem: I don't have nightmares, I make them! *snorts*

Talen: .... My tribe dying?  (actually its totally being taken to the creepy fish kingdom.)


   17. Who would you want to meet in the afterlife?

Requiem: My brothers...

Talen: All of the past Earth Tribe cats. 


   18. Anyone you want to send to the afterlife?

Requiem: Hm... sometimes. But I don't HATE anyone that much yet.

Talen: No one deserves to have their life removed.


   19. Now that we're getting a little serious (or really just because the meme is almost over), what's your opinion of Alriyel, reincarnated?

Requiem: I'd rather not say.

Talen: Who? 


   20. What's on your bucket list?

Requiem: To die without fear of she-cats and fire.

Talen: I am content.


   21. Where do you see yourself in a few season-cycles?

Requiem: To continue to be by the Silver Shadow's side... Loyal to my tribe.

Talen: There is no need to look forward, the now is more important.

   21. We're done! Now tag whoever you want. 

I tag Toadfoal eliza1star and Kairu-sora 




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